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Ustrasana, Camel Pose, Yoga Art

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Rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation - three of the fundamental goals we seek through the practice of yoga. When we endeavor to express ourselves through the Ustrasana, Camel Pose, we engage in a state of surrender. Releasing expectations, we are able to relinquish control and allow our body's energy to join with that of the universe. The artists use of the mehndi style further involves you in the meditative quality of the piece, as mehndi symbols and patterns become an unspoken communication of the essence of the human condition.

Use the Ustrasana, Camel Pose as a piece of meditative artwork to help you delve deeper into an understanding of the Camel Pose and embrace your ability to surrender. Through this pose we are able to open ourselves to new wisdom, a new self, and through that -- be reborn.

Ustrasana, Camel Pose, Yoga Art Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 11" Photo Gloss Paper; Print size is approx 7" x 7" square; Artist's signature appears below the print.

Please Note: All art pieces are unframed.

Customer Testimonials

"I got the artwork and it truly is amazing. I don't know what kind of energy Mockingbird has, but the piece definitely was radiating when I pulled it out of the box. It is beautiful and I love it and everyone I show loves it... the artwork sort of blows their mind! Thank you so much! It is my altar and It stays very near to me right now.."

Julie Klutinoty

"The moment I noticed the work of Mockingbird something clicked deep inside me, I felt compelled to stare at this art piece, my mind was trying to fathom what was going on. It was heart warming to ponder and it seemed like the art was blessing me at the same time. In fact I have come to realise that this painting was very different to other art styles, this piece is spiritually communicating with all those lucky enough to see it."

Steven Ross

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