The Power of Sacred Space Art - Testimonials:

"My kids recently sent me three wonderful Om Village Yoga prints for my birthday. I couldn't be happier, since I'm in the process of designing a home wellness studio for Yoga, Tai-Chi, & Meditation...... Created by talented artist, Mockingbird, I find these beautiful designs healing, energizing, and inspirational......"

Susan Ross, Houston, USA.

"I got the artwork and it truly is amazing. I don't know what kind of energy Mockingbird has, but the piece definitely was radiating when I pulled it out of the box. It is beautiful and I love it and everyone I show loves it... the artwork sort of blows their mind! Thank you so much! It is my altar and It stays very near to me right now.."

Julie Klutinoty, Napa, USA -

"The moment I noticed the work of Mockingbird something clicked deep inside me,
I felt compelled to stare at this art piece, my mind was trying to fathom what was going on. It was heart warming to ponder and it seemed like the art was blessing me at the same time. In fact I have come to realise that this painting was very different to other art styles, this piece is spiritually communicating
with all those lucky enough to see it."

Steven Ross, Austin, USA - EastSide Yoga, Austin - Yoga and Healing Studio

"I love the intricacy of your work, especially in the Mehndi art. All of it is so striking, so beautiful and resonates so easily with the spirit. Thank you!"

Saraswati Nagpal, New Delhi, India

"My Mockingbird original weaves a delicate Indian pattern into a fascinating work that seems to move on its own. The piece is alive and breathes the complexities of life into the space it occupies."

Jeremy Broussard, Lafayette, USA

"Wow, I was in awe when I saw it (Meditation of the One) online, but it is a million times more powerful right in front of you! It has transformed our mantle. I've attached a pic! Thank you both so much!"

Elsa Bui, Austin, USA

"As I was relaxing to go to sleep, in the darkness of the room, I glanced up at the OM hanging on the wall (Journey Into Consciousness). All I could see was the glowing white light. It soothed me as I lay there with many questions on my mind. After thirty years of very little positive personal growth, I was finally facing all my fears, guilt and insecurities. Change can be a very frightening experience. Then I remembered the stroke I had at age nineteen. When the stroke happened, my brain was like a child again. I gradually lost all control of my body.  In a few short hours I was floating out of my body. I was high above it, looking down at myself, wondering who was that person anyway.  The only emotion I felt was sympathy for her. As I drifted higher still, I felt only a tremendous rush of joy and love for everything above and below me. Pushing against the ceiling, I knew that I had to go back into my body. As I stared at the bright light, I realized that I was there again. Feeling the  love and acceptance that I felt all those years ago. My fears disappeared and I slept sound. The next morning, I awoke to answers instead of questions. Answers about self discoveries, self truth and the essence of my life, ready to take on the challenges that are in store for me. The OM helps me to slow down and pause as I inhale and exhale. Remembering to love the gifts  that the Divine has given and embrace the true miracles of the OM."

Mary Perrodin, Ville Platte, USA

The art work is extraordinary. The intricate designs of some pieces stand out. The colors and lighting of the others make the art work seem alive. It's as if the art work is making a connection with your soul. Truly exquisite work!

Kamini Lakhani, Mumbai, India -

"I am extremely excited about the piece (Journey Into Consciousness) that I purchased at OM Village.  I decided to hang it in my office to bring a level of serenity to my job.  I enjoy taking periodic breaks to meditate on 'Journey Into Consciousness'.  The vibrancy and richness of the colors transport me into the actual piece and I get lost amongst the intricate patterns within the colors.  All it takes is a few minutes of gazing on this exquisite piece and I am brought back to center.  Several of my co-workers also admire it.  Thanks for creating such an inspiring piece of art."

Shannon Sonnier, Lafayette, USA

"Mockingbird's art pieces are like doorways to the sacred infinite.  When I look at  "The Secrets of One", it feels as though it is mirroring the journey to my inner self, hidden within me.  I feel blessed to have some of Mockingbird's art for daily meditation."

Sangeeta Bhagwat, Pune, India -

"I have had one of Mockingbird's OM painting for a couple of years. The colors exuberate a unique kind of divinity and tranquility. The design of OM radiates in the mind acknowledging a sense of beginning or the start of spiritual journey. The soothing effect of the painting invites one to meditate in peace and explore one's inner self. The aesthetics of this painting become vibrant when seen in a direct light and can complement and enhance the decor of any room."

Kamlesh Narwani, Houston, USA

"Each and every time I look at the art work I purchased from Mockingbird I see something new and different.  It is forever changing.  Forever radiating new messages to me.   It is something beautiful for my eyes to behold and radiates energy to my senses.   It is a package of beauty and serenity."

Lillie Leonards, Rayne, USA

"This beautiful and intricate piece (My Heart is Singing a Song) is imbued with the beauty and power of hours of meditation by the artist. Every evening, this icon of the soul reconnects me with who I truly am. It is more than art, it is source."

Barbara Sorrenson, Lafayette, USA

Mockingbird is not only a great artist but he is also a wonderful person. The beauty of his soul reflects in his art. Each and every piece is simple yet so unique. God bless! Keep up the good work.

Rani Roopani, Houston, USA