Meaning of Om

Om, according to the ancient scripts of the Vedic civilization, is the sound of life. It is the infinite vibration that shimmers through the Universe, providing life and sustenance to everything. Om is the beginning and will continue till the end; the one constant that unites all of creation at its deepest level.

The chanting of Om revitalizes the body, soothes the mind and nourishes the soul. Hence, Om is considered the most powerful of all Indian mantras (chants), and is the prefix to or the beginning sound of all other mantras.

The Upanishads (Indian Vedic texts), describe Om (or Aum) as the complete sound that encapsulates the entire range of sounds the human voice can make. It starts with A at the base of the throat, moves on to U with the tongue and the palette, and ends with M where the lips are closed and no more sound emanates.

If Divinity were to be represented in sound codes, it would be Om. Om is the purifier, the all powerful tool that awakens in us the deepest reflection of Spirit, or God, or the Universal energy. This is because Om is the representation of this energy and flows through our breath in our waking and sleeping state. Om is the essence that unites all of us at our most intuitive level.

Om Symbol Art